A Norwegian classical guitar ensemble featuring Trond Davidsen, Jarl Strømdal and Arne Brattland


Is a Norwegian classical guitar ensemble featuring Trond Davidsen, Jarl Strømdal and Arne Brattland - all of them established Norwegian concert guitarists and teachers.


Arctic Guitar Trio is a major ensemble in Norwegian guitar life, and has participated at several national and international festivals such as Norwegian Guitar Festival, Leiv Eriksson International Music Festival (USA) and Aveiro International Guitar Festival (Portugal) as well as festivals in Italy, Spain, Holland and the UK.

The trio has given a televised concert on Norwegian national TV and has also played for the Norwegian Royal couple. The trio is paying particular attention to Nordic music, and several prominent Norwegian composers have written for the Arctic Guitar Trio.

Name: Arctic Guitar Trio

Started: 01 /05/ 1991

Nationality: Norway

Address: Trondheim/Drammen/UK

Phone: +44 7813900536

Email: vivace.music@ntlworld.com


The Arctic Guitar Trio's London debut took place in 1994, and their first CD features new Norwegian music for three guitars, as well as music by Edvard Grieg. Their second CD "Varieté" includes more Norwegian works as well as Spanish/Italian music. Their latest CD is devoted to music from Brazil and Argentina. Most of this music was featured in their memorable concert at West Dean Guitar Festival (UK) in August 2015. In 2016 the Arctic Guitar Trio was back in England again to perform at Dillington Guitar Festival. The trio is currently working on a new CD project featuring music written for the Arctic Guitar Trio by contemporary Norwegian composers.

Concert Reviews

"The Arctic Guitar Trio were warmly received by the audience at the 24th West Dean International Classical Guitar Festival when they gave the final concert of the festival series. The trio's performance exhibited the highest level of technical and musical skill and it was a pleasure to witness an ensemble with such rhythmic precision and unity. " 

(Andrew Gough, Festival Director at West Dean Guitar Festival, UK.)


The Arctic Guitar Trio's performance overflowed with virtuosity and sparkled with fresh musical ideas that left the audience cheering for more. All three players are exceptional Guitarists with a particular flare for chamber music. The programming was fresh and challenging with dramatic new works as well as masterful arrangements. The precision of their ensemble with an ability to communicate strong musical ideas throughout their performances makes the Arctic Trio one of the best ensembles in the business.

(Chris Stell, (Eden Stell Duo, Vida Guitar Quartet))


“Arctic Guitar Trio has for several years been established as the leading trio in this country - Technically brilliant, secure ensemble playing and unison expression. Refined sonority, virtuosity and elegance played with high termperature by an Arctic trio.”

(Deammens Tidende, Norway)


“An unbelievable trio - hearing three classical guitars blend together in such a unity of sound and precision is unique”.

(Nordlands Framtid, Norway)


“A spellbinding concert - great instrumental skill - precise ensemble playing, creating a warm, pleasant mood”.

(Trønder-Avisa, Norway)


“Imaginative arrangements and a fine collective performance from the trio - both serenity and driving energy”.

(Classical Guitar, UK)


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